Colorado Gunslinger help?

2022.01.24 19:18 golden_eternity Colorado Gunslinger help?

Any tips for people playing on console having trouble with this?
I swear shotgun just decides to not hit anything at least one or two shots and I’m probably slow because of neuropathy in my hands anyway.
Anyone have a tip for getting this done super easy?
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2022.01.24 19:18 regian24 Roooxaaaaanne!

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2022.01.24 19:18 RYUJIN_HYPE anime_irl

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2022.01.24 19:18 PopeyesChxSando *Activision releases half-finished game*

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2022.01.24 19:18 The-Arabian-Guy It only gets worse

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2022.01.24 19:18 SaucerSwapBot Come and join us in the official SaucerSwap Discord server! 🛸

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2022.01.24 19:18 PistonMouth Exfil camping is too easy

Im guilty of this too, when youre broke youll do things even the devil wouldnt, so I honestly don't give a shit if you do or don't since you're only wasting your own time, but if every other thing in this game is gonna have to be a ballache to do, make exfip camping just as much of a pain. Spawn a scav in, make camping spots high-vis, something. It's far too easy to do when everyone else's playstyle is getting massively nerfed
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2022.01.24 19:18 Professional-Goal582 Luke Skywalker just appeared on my show for this episode! It’s so legit!

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2022.01.24 19:18 SpookyGhost15 Love when this happens!

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2022.01.24 19:18 Uchiha_Landry Today I found my first GITD! 😁

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2022.01.24 19:18 SkullcrawlerBuddy Logan Roof essay (repost)

The internet has its ups and downs, er, downs, downs, and more downs. And JUST when you thought that you've reached the deepest levels of asshattery and stupidity, some fucktard grabs a shovel and broke new ground and discovers a family of horny pigs passing around, bending over and sharting something horrendous straight up your nose and into your unprepared brain.
And that fucktard is Logan Roof. The human form of that last, sticky crumb of shit clinging to your asshole after a hefty dump, the physical manifestation of the spittle that forms in the corner of your mouth when you're thirsty. The personification of the snot that clogs up your nose when you have a cold. His stench permeated places like Twitter, reddit and YouTube. This vomit drooling shit lemur and his shitty alt accounts have thankfully been banned off of all those websites due to his retarded behavior and his pathetic attempts to be an internet tough guy.
It all started in 2020, IDK if that's the time this Neanderthal started his bullshit but who cares? This greasy pile of cyber degeneracy started his asshattery by making a million alt accounts and saying "Jack's dad dead I'm very funny" as he pounds the dildo further up his hairy ass. Nobody e̶x̶c̶e̶p̶t̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶h̶i̶m̶s̶e̶l̶f̶ thought he was funny and nobody knew what a fuckhead Logan was going to be. After all the deserved hate, Logan's alt accounts got terminated. So, this festering pile of donkey smegma made EVEN MORE alt accounts and stole other people's memes just so that he could try pathetically hard to seem edgy. He's not intimidating or scary in the absolute slightest. Saying "Jaiden should starve herself" or "Mark's niece is in hell so funny lmao" doesn't make you a funny badass. It makes you a creepy edgelord that parents tell their kids to be afraid of.
With his depressingly pathetic attempts to seem badass, his abysmal grammar, and his alt accounts and dickriders, this coprophagic protohominid gonorrhea-infested mindless testicle choker is the pure, unadulterated form of the word sad. He spends his entire gross life inside his mom's cum-stained basement fapping to swastikas and goatse, and accusing Cawthon of being a transphobe, yet he himself bragged about bullying transgender people multiple times.
Even though everything he's doing is clearly him trying to """""troll""""" other people, he fails at doing so considering how he is completely unfunny. The toilets at a gas station have more interesting things to say than this slimy grease skunk. Also, you don't need to troll him. If he gets no 2 seconds of fame in the comments of penguinz0's channel, he somehow manages to troll 𝘩𝘪𝘮𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧 by being a complete and utter fucktard in all aspects of life.
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2022.01.24 19:18 TirarADeguello Hold The Onions Chopsticks and the Worst story you ever heard in ASMR

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2022.01.24 19:18 Smallpiscesgurl Cat matting/rash????

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2022.01.24 19:18 Kaeosm "Unexpected error while getting the method or property getFileByID on object DriveApp"

I am trying to rename files submitted to include tags that are within the responses on a form. I have included the entire script but the function "rename" is the one failing. Any advice on what I am getting wrong is appreciated. Thanks.
function ResponseRenameTrigger() { ScriptApp.newTrigger('rename') .forForm('1ISgsCJg9cvk_7Q7tSfXdmH1qcmjdiH7v-dkijGq75rQ') .onFormSubmit() .create(); }
function rename() { var form=FormApp.getActiveForm(); // returns the total number of form submissions var length=form.getResponses().length; //replace QUESTION NUMBER through the index of the question prompting the file upload - keep in mind that the first question has the index 0 var id=form.getResponses()[length-1].getItemResponses()[4].getResponse(); //getResponses()[length-1] retrieves the last form response, accounting for the fact that the first index is zero and hte last length-1 //gets the name of the question //accesses the uploaded file for (i = 0; i < id.length; i++) { var file=DriveApp.getFileById(id[i]); file.setName('@' + form.getResponses()[length-1].getItemResponses()[3].getResponse()+ " (" + i + ")"); } }
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2022.01.24 19:18 Next_Ad_7634 Fourier Series (Integral portion) Lecture; How do these terms = 0 ?

Fourier Series (Integral portion) Lecture; How do these terms = 0 ?
Not sure how any of the cos terms = 0? when plugging \"-pi^2 cos (pi) = 9.86 \" ??
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2022.01.24 19:18 Nerfhurder13 I had Splash Mountain to myself!

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2022.01.24 19:18 Far_Raspberry7993 Danielle Webb

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2022.01.24 19:18 TurtleElephant98 Anger that builds up towards my bipolar mom

Hi, this is the first time I'm posting on Reddit. I understand there are rules, but I haven't found them yet, so sorry if I do something wrong... I need to get things off my chest.
I (23F) am the oldest of 4 (F22 M18 M11) . We are what others see as a "happy" family but most people know my mom is bipolar. She often talks about how happy she is about how we turned out, but she doesn't know the truth (at least about me).
My mom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder around 10 years ago. She also has PTSD from a bad childhood and low self esteem. She tends to stay more on the neutral or hypomanic side instead of the depressed side, but it does happen.
Some things she often does: Not hearing us (the kids) when we talk to her because she's always on her phone and often not hearing us well when we talk to her. She does hear and has normal conversations with guests (which makes me angry because it feels like she just tunes out our voices); screaming when she loses her patience, misinterprets something someone says, when she panics or is stressed; get angry and scream over small things; getting obsessed with certain topics; being convinced about a not so healthy thing and trying to push it on us (like, women have to wear skirts and dresses, you shouldn't always wear pants (a few years ago)); barely realising how certain words make someone feel and getting angry when she doesn't get alone time in the living room (my room is really really small so I can't stay there all day).
I have memories of talking with my mom about very private things. I could always come to her if I had problems and we would always discuss dreams after I had weird ones or rows of nightmares. Now I don't remember the last time we had a serious talk. I don't feel like I can talk to her anymore because I'm so angry at her.
Before she had the right medication it was really bad (6 years ago). I avoided home till dinner and stayed in my room watching violent movies, I learned to hide my negative emotions and now I don't know how to express them well. It's building up quickly recently since I had to stay home for two months because of a herniated disc. I feel bad about it because I know she can't do anything about it. It's a mental illness and I should help her. But ever since middle school, it feels like I'm tiptoeing around the house, trying not to upset her, I often feel unwanted here when she gets angry about her alone time and in middle school I tried to stay away from home as long as I could and not bring friends over because I didn't know how she would act. I can't even live on my own (I tried for two years) because somehow I still want to be at home although I don't want to live here when I do. I need a mom and sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a normal one. She controls the whole mood at home and she can switch it fast with her screaming. I often try to act like she doesn't, especially to my siblings, that way it doesn't feel too bad for them hopefully. But I've noticed I've started to scream back when she screams at me and I feel like the moment that I explode is coming nearer but I don't want to hurt her. I think she knows something is up but I don't want to talk about it.
Two recent examples which really hurt me: 1. Last summer I didn't go with my family on summer holiday. I made up a valid excuse, but the underlying reason was that she ruined the summer before. We went camping and my youngest brother and her kept clashing for some reason. She would scream and get really angry almost every day. There was no private space so she couldn't calm down and I couldn't de-stress. Her anger and lack of patience ruled the whole mood of the holiday. I've never before wanted to go back home when in another country. I had to try and hold back tears on "fun days" after her explosions so many times. I was so stressed that when we got back I had so much backpain for a few days that I could barely do anything. 2. I got a herniated disc at the start of December and had to go to the hospital, where I had to stay for a night. The day after the nurse said "you must be happy to feel better and go home!" I preferred the hospital honestly... I went home and she broke down since that week would be when she would start her new job after years of not being able to work. I couldn't take care of myself properly because of the pain. My sister was following school from home, so she could help me a bit, it was no problem. But my mom didn't even hear this I guess because she was screaming "nothing can ever go my way, and nothing good was ever given to me. Ofcourse this gets stolen now. Now I can't start the first job I have in years." I know it wasn't towards me, but it sounded sooooo much like it did, even my sister was shocked at the way she phrased things. It's not like I wanted this to happen and to be stuck at home with her every day for the coming two months at least hearing her stories about work (sometimes 3 times the same one) while she doesn't listen to the things I would want to tell her about my day.
I feel like I'm being a bad person for being so angry with her, I don't know what to do, I don't want to talk to her about it, but I feel so alone, angry and sad. I had to move back home and can't move out because I'm broke. I wish she at least wouldn't scream so much.
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2022.01.24 19:18 Ozon44 [H]🔪22 Knives, 🧤7 Gloves &🔫500 Skins [W] Fair Trading! 🤗

Welcome dears! You can trade anything you don't want anymore and get any item from my inventory.
I with pleasure will consider downgrades, upgrades or 1:1 offers. Browse my inventory and choose something interesting for you. Inventory is always in circulation, new skins come everyday. Feel free to send reasonable offer or add me to friends. I'm trying to answer A$AP!
Trade Link
Easy and safe trading!
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2022.01.24 19:18 Zakaizu2 What scam are you amazed that people still fall for?

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2022.01.24 19:18 gde061 Luc Montagnier - His conspiracy theory seems far fetched, but there is science behind the recent statement about vaccination and variants that people should know and consider

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2022.01.24 19:18 Sad_Detail404 Let the record show that I predicted 13¢ would be the bottom of the cycle back in May of last year when the price was around 40¢ and nobody wanted to hear it. I also predicted the top of this cycle to be around 3$. 🤞🏻

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2022.01.24 19:18 robertpoebukowski trying to figure out the size for a flex 2 alpha skin

Hi! I'm extremely spatially challenged, and I'm trying to figure out what size I need for a laptop skin (like the one you put on the the back of the screen) for the galaxy book flex 2 alpha skin. As far as I can tell, there aren't any websites that make them especially for it. Anyone know what dimensions I should get? I could get a larger size and cut it down, but a perfect-fit skin would be great.
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2022.01.24 19:18 Elainstructor [POSITIVE] for /u/bigbird1414 [seller]

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2022.01.24 19:18 muffinsandtomatoes What are some cheat codes for starting with teams or companies to get a great start?

What things have you done that have helped you get a great start? Examples: setting up one on ones with peers, organizing a social hour, etc.
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