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My first investment

2022.01.24 19:32 umedevolume My first investment

Hi guys
So tommorow im about to invest 3k in Eth?
Do you guys think this was a good idea?
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2022.01.24 19:32 clip_mirror_bot Scarra is thirsty

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2022.01.24 19:32 lgats ARTIKA FOR LIVING INC LED Ceiling Light CL-ERR-XXXXXX (2AUHG-CL-ERR-XXXXXX)

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2022.01.24 19:32 KVSKing The Bum Alley Rapist is back at it...

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2022.01.24 19:32 plasticrusher Is there a forum for youth coaches?

I think this is probably the biggest concentration of those trying to improve their climbing online and might overlap with youth climbing coaches. Wondering if there is any specific forum for coaches and if not if there is interest in starting one.
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2022.01.24 19:32 LilEggnog Horn: The Plastic Of History - Making A Horn Comb

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2022.01.24 19:32 TheGeneral7567 Pirate is op

She has a GUN.
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2022.01.24 19:32 Dusty101aa [Recruiting] DRL | Th14 | Clan Level 18 | CWL | #VLRUUUVY

Searching for well established th14s, max pets preferred. Master 1 league 15v15 War log viewable
Normal recruiting message: * Clan Name: DRL * Clan Tag: #VLRUUUVY * Clan Level: 18 * Recruiting: CWL/War members. Th7+ for war, non-rushed. War ready. * Where we’re from: USA, Canada, Europe (English Speaking) * War: 336-98 record. Organized strat. War search starts around 12-3pm Central time.
We are an adult, friendly, organized, laidback team. We have the benefit of a supportive culture, with a group that’s been together for some time. This clan is super active and donations are filled fast. We are expanding our normal war roster, so if you like to war, come check us out! 💥Please mention Reddit when requesting to join 💥
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2022.01.24 19:32 aindriuoc MO2 - Alvarin tamer/mage build

Hi everyone,
I was looking for tamer builds for Alvarin. Can anyone recommend me a build to do this? The starting stats and complete stats and all that would be nice.
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2022.01.24 19:32 CreemGreem1 Would you rather have robot arms or robot legs? Why?

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2022.01.24 19:32 rkk142 What do you consider "advanced" excel skills?

I have a second round interview tomorrow where I'm supposed to talk about my advanced excel skills and experience. For context on my background, I've been using excel for over a decade and have a master's degree in data analytics. I can do pretty much anything needed in excel now and if I don't know how to do it, then I'll be back after a couple of YouTube videos with new knowledge.
In the first interview, I talked about working with pivot tables, vlookup, macros, VBA, and how I've used those and/or are currently using them. Was advised to bring a little more "wow" for the next round and that advanced "means talk about something I've never heard before."
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2022.01.24 19:32 xervokun Balance of knowledge and experience

Hi all, I've been playing dwarf fortress on and off for the past 2 years which is like having experienced a sample of the game. I'm wondering what you think about how much knowledge should one start out with?
If you know too little expect the forts to crumble from butterfly effects of dwarfs getting hit by a strange mood, while knowing too much at once might detract from the fun.
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2022.01.24 19:32 lgats Klein Electronics, Inc. Digital two way radio M1DMR (U7GM1DMR)

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2022.01.24 19:32 bminuscplus Finally activated the Distribution Center! Never shall we toil hauling ever again!

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2022.01.24 19:32 belgianwaffle1 [UK] [H] Paypal [W] Mercutio 40 kit or built

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2022.01.24 19:32 Night_Blade_76 Corsair TX650 PSU on a new PC build?

Is a corsair tx650 psu enough for a I5 12600k, gtx 3070 or similar power PC
Hi i currently have a i5 3570k, gtx 1070 pc I would be looking to upgrade soon to something along the lines of an I5 12600k I plan on keeping my GPU for the time being but will upgrade it to something like a RTX 3070 in (hopefully) 3-6 months once prices come down. I will also will be using 32GB ram, 3 ssd's, 1 HDD and a NVME, 9 120mm RGB case fans and a aio pump. I currently have a corsair TX 650 PSU and as far as I can tell a 650w PSU should be big enough (correct me if i am wrong). I have been out of the hardware loop for a while so im not sure if my properly like 8 year old PSU is still compatable such as have any cables/connectors changed on more modern motherboards and gpu's. Do you usually replace the PSU when doing a new build or are the sort of thing that is fine to carry over? Should I be factoring in a new PSU for my build ?

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2022.01.24 19:32 Castleheart [Request] - A short gif loop from Shadow and Bone

Hi gif scientists,
Requesting a short loop from Shadow and Bone that consists of two scenes put together:

When both scenes are put together they should correctly cut out the guy between the two scenes, leaving just the "Darkling" conjuring from two different angles as a loop.
Requesting that the entire loop be:
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.24 19:32 Bronyaur_5tomp Judge Netburn granted, in part, the SEC's request for extension of time regarding reconsideration of her DPP Ruling.

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2022.01.24 19:32 GoldDogYT Mizkif not fake laughing for once PauseChamp

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2022.01.24 19:32 betweenthebobbynlee Venture 4th bag pad combo.

Has anyone used a venture 4th sleeping bag with the pad inside the bag? How was it?
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2022.01.24 19:32 thembois21 Avistado perto da minha casa, alguém tirou 20 a inglês

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2022.01.24 19:32 RealVariousArtist Clamps for 600V and up

Hey there!
I'm searching for small and easy-to-assemble clamps just like a Wago 221-415 but rated for 600V and up I've searched some time on the web for it but couldn't find any so I thought I might ask you. Any help is appreciated!
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2022.01.24 19:32 oummi The influence of the families of Al-Tuhami Bennani’s friends obscures the case of his murder for 15 years.. The case was opened again

Fifteen years after his disappearance, the story of "Tohamy Bennani" turns into a "public opinion" case (video) The story of "Tuhami Bennani" turned into a "public opinion" case, after social media activists launched a wide campaign to demand justice in the case of this young man, who disappeared 15 years ago, amid mysterious circumstances. These activists expressed their solidarity with the mother of the young Hayat Alami, and widely circulated the hashtag "Justice for Tohami Bennani", calling for an in-depth investigation into the "most famous case of disappearance in Morocco", and the punishment of all those involved in this "controversial" incident. She saw her son that day riding in that car, which was denied by Al-Tohamy's friends after confronting them, after which she filed a complaint about the incident with the security services in the city of Muhammadiyah. Tohamy Bennani’s mother, whom she accepts as the “iron woman,” has been demanding for more than ten years, to conduct an experiment on the phones of her son’s friends, as well as to know the location of his burial and the causes of his death, which she considers “unknown”, in the absence of proven facts. In the file of the young man, "Tohami Bennani", the most exciting case in Morocco, two suspects are arrested, while the third is outside the country, on charges of premeditated murder, concealment of the body and drug use. #justicepourthamibennani #noussommestousthamibennani #justice_for_thami #كلنا_مع_حياة_العلمي
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2022.01.24 19:32 HUGE_Pumpk1nCat BIDDING PETS

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2022.01.24 19:32 dannyallenxp Mary Elizabeth Winstead to play Iden Versio? AHSOKA SERIES

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