C170 Data Mgmt - Applications *NEED ADVICE*

2022.01.24 20:18 Reaton1984 C170 Data Mgmt - Applications *NEED ADVICE*

I've watched a few LinkedIn Learning videos (Bill Weiman's "MySQL Essential Training", and Ben Sullins "SQL Tips and Tricks For Data Science", but I am now drudging through the Zybooks material and extremely struggling with it. To me, it is super dry and dense and I just don't feel this is going to be the best use of my time and way for me to learn all of this.
No previous experience actually writing SQL so I'm reaching out for advice. Only previous exposure to databases was taking and passing C175 last term, but that's basically it. When I took C175, Dr. Soper YouTube, Mike Dane and Caleb Curry videos really helped me learn. I did see a post to check out W3Schools website so I'm thinking of working through that material instead of Zybooks, but I don't know, I'm pretty lost at this point with coming up with a good game plan to hopefully knock this C170 course out sooner than later.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.24 20:18 Morganoutside [Found] Halo Infinite is Dissapointing [62:20]

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2022.01.24 20:18 _IIVCX_ Update out on iOS

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2022.01.24 20:18 oxhorn Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition Part 33 - Live with Oxhorn

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2022.01.24 20:18 carnagecanary Pulse and hibana have a daughter

In the bio section for pulse it mentions his daughter Maho and the mother hibana who has separation issues. Anyone else freaking out about this?
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2022.01.24 20:18 globularlars Very long repair at Dell HQ options

Hi! My XPS 13 has been away at Dell headquarters since January 3, and remains there now due to backorders on the part they need to replace (motherboard). I paid for the 5-7 day out of warranty expedited repair service, so it was originally supposed to be back January 10 at the latest. Then January 15. Now, February 4 is when the part is supposed to arrive at Dell. I'm currently borrowing a laptop from my university's library, but it's pretty slow compared to my regular machine.
I know it's not Dell's fault everything's on backorder, but I'm wondering if anyone in this situation has been able to get a partial refund. I figure since I paid for the more expensive repair service, and it's going to be at least a month until I see my computer again... I'm also wondering if this is purgatory. Any ideas?
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2022.01.24 20:18 Spacer_Eraser Wishing someone would make a Livery out of the Retro Van from Ed, Edd n Eddy for the GMC Vandura.

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2022.01.24 20:18 sanasty20 Miss Sofia

You can only love a cat on its terms.📷
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2022.01.24 20:18 Petro1113 How I learned I was a cuckold (part 2)

I tried desperately to pretend it wasn't happening. I was just high, I was probably having a weird dream or hearing things. But the denial wasn't working. Every groan, every rhythmic smack of skin on skin, every creak of the bed from Sean pounding my fucking slut of a girlfriend...it was all chipping away at my sanity at a frightening pace. I felt so clammy in my face, I was being completely emasculated.
And just then, a little part of me thought that maybe I should just lay there in bed and listen to them...to listen to my girl getting fucked by my Sean. That on top of being better than me at everything else, he also had a huge dick that he was using to satisfy my girlfriend. I was immediately disgusted with this feeling. I tried to push it out of my mind...but the seed had been planted. I could feel my dick slowly stiffening, I could see a little tent forming above my crotch, I could hear Marlene trying to muffle her moans so I wouldn't hear even as Sean's headboard violently smashed against my bedroom wall over and over...taunting me...showing me that I was completely worthless...that I deserved this.
It just wasn't fair! It's not fair that Sean was hot and muscular and charismatic. And that just wasn't enough, he also had to have a big dick that he could convince my girlfriend to cheat with. And on top of all that, I was now rock hard listening to them fuck behind my back. I slowly reached down, wrapping my fingers around my pulsing shaft and started slowly flicking my wrists up and down to the rhythm of Sean's thrusts and Marlene's accompanying muffled moans between pangs of anguish and jealousy and complete disgust for myself. I began to want so desperately to see Sean pummeling Marlene, I wanted to see how pathetic his cock made mine look. I wanted to just see, so that I could merge these terribly overwhelming, conflicting feelings with reality and accept my new, pathetic existence with 100% certainty. The pain of this divergence was too much to bear.
I leapt out of bed and turned the corner and began pounding my fists on Sean's door. I hadn't even stopped to think, what would I say? I didn't even notice until just then that my vision was blurry and I was sobbing. The thrashing and primal sounds from within Sean's room came to an abrupt stop. I had to say something...
"Guys, what's going on in there....please, stop..." I managed to blurt out between bubbles of snot and sniffles and stuttering, desperate gasps.
Nothing. Then little whispers. And then a slowly encroaching, terrifying noise. The sounds of two slick, loving bodies crashing into one another, quickly growing in tempo and passion and only being momentarily stifled by grunts and moans of pleasure. I couldn't believe it...they didn't even care! They didn't even care that this was destroying me inside...I fell to my knees and wept, my hard dick within my lustful, pathetic hands. Their pleasure quickly built to a crescendo and fell flat on Marlene's groans. And I was alone, outside of their room, my hands coated in my own hot cum, completely dejected and knowing what I really was.
But now I wanted more.
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2022.01.24 20:18 KxrpD How do I sew on Double knee patch

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2022.01.24 20:18 N30N_2354 Frog Sunscreen

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2022.01.24 20:18 Doordoor21 Is £60 for 3.5g Cali fair?

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2022.01.24 20:18 sta1l Best songs to put someone on to carti?

Making a playlist for my friends to try and put them on
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2022.01.24 20:18 GeorgeJackmeoff Eugen stans are the worst

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2022.01.24 20:18 hankhilton The other side

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2022.01.24 20:18 YourAverageArtist07 Animation of me talking about if I owned Nintendo :) please subscribe!

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2022.01.24 20:18 HalfBloodPeon BDO - Awakening Ninja PVE - Dark Rift

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2022.01.24 20:18 Yeetabeam990 Jack u need to step up your game /j

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2022.01.24 20:18 PageAccomplished8438 Girls not shaving = nasty and unpolite

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2022.01.24 20:18 medicineandother Help me figure out what I'm worth

What's the starting salary for a Mechanical Engineering graduate these days? I don't graduate until next year but am trying to get a gauge. If you could post your starting salary, discipline, industry and city I'd appreciate it!
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2022.01.24 20:18 HumanoidTyphoon22 [An Phoblacht] A Trip to Antrim - A Visit and Interview with the Leader of Northern Irish Unionism, u/Phyrik2222

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2022.01.24 20:18 xar-brin-0709 Do you think tube crime has increased since covid?

The last few months I feel like I've seen way more gangs of lads roaming central London tube stations and harassing passengers than before.
I don't know if they're making the most of the free space and understaffed network, or if they're just more visible now without the crowds. Is it just me who feels this?
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2022.01.24 20:18 RangeSelect4382 Congressional Inquiry help or hurt for funding?

We have been waiting for funding like so many others. Does anyone know if the congressional inquiry helps or hurts your timeline for funding?
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2022.01.24 20:18 Cowlickin I hate how people treat me because of my race

I feel like no matter what I’m a token Asian kid and it pisses me off so much. I see other kids fit the description too. A lot of Asian kids at my school either are really smart because of their parents enforcing them to do work or try to make up for it with humor. I’ve found myself to be both which pisses me off so much and I’ve experienced the most racism out of all of the Asian kids at my school despite being half white. It’s like all of the negative stereotypes spew out at me “dog eater” “small genitals” “shy Asian kid” “communist” MY FAMILY HAS BEEN HERE FOR 50+ YEARS. Im so frustrated that I’m defined by my ethnicity rather than my nationality (American). Some kids come unscathed from the stereo types especially if they just moved here. Mostly being the Japanese or Korean kids due to current social obsessions with their cultures. This one kid (half like me but Japanese) I’m not even gonna lie I am so jealous of him. I’ve lived in this town my whole life and no one is curious about my culture when they saw me eat seaweed in 1st grade they thought I was nasty. This kid pulls up doing the same shit I did 9 years ago and it’s cool all of the sudden. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. No one is curious about my customs they act as if I act my race too much too, despite me never talking about my culture and not being able to even speak Chinese. It’s so fucking frustrating it might just be part of living in a small town my whole life but idk.
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2022.01.24 20:18 Vasasa94 Mr Beast finally showed everyone Dont subscribe

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