ae7y4 a7k2e 3ni2t ski3e yby9n dt6an bay8z k8t2z 3k99a srk5e tkhdi 2f5sf fth5r 6dnn5 9be9a erstf zat6d 6tk29 t6s4z 8z4k9 tia3h That flute solo is going to get all the bobs and vagene |

That flute solo is going to get all the bobs and vagene

2022.01.24 20:46 PrehistoricDawg69420 That flute solo is going to get all the bobs and vagene

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2022.01.24 20:46 AnimeGachaStore [H] Mega global whale [LF] cash app

Selling this global mega whale it has 1500+ login days with alot of time and money invested into it.
Highest offer takes it so hmu with offers in pm.
Discord - Granola#6713
Account -
Have proof of being trusted with vouches of sales
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2022.01.24 20:46 burtzev How we drained California dry

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2022.01.24 20:46 dkhoun007 Documentary on the state of EVs in Japan in English by NHK-World.

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2022.01.24 20:46 biscuitbiscuit1 Abandoned Chinese shop 20+ years

Hi all,
I live in the NW of UK, and in the town next to me are two businesses (one a chinnese takeaway and one a chinnese art dealers/antique shop). They have both been shut for 20+ years.
No for sale or to let, just decades of dust and dried plants in the window. Its never been touched. The stock of the antique shop is just sat there.
I know so many businesses out of pocket and having to force close because of covid and a new retail park moving business away from the main town centre.
How do the owners pay business rates without an income?
Is this a chinnese tradition? Is it linked to a death of the business owner? Or are they simply moving away from UK and still paying council tax rates?
Every time I drive past these shops I think and its starting to drive me mad not understanding why they are left abandoned!
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2022.01.24 20:46 xxfallen420xx This maybe just talk, but it’s talk that is only happening because apes made the market a big topic in the public forum.

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2022.01.24 20:46 Sea_Calligrapher2092 Synopsis Character Digital Card Pack Web3 Series

Do you guys think it’s worth getting the New ThetaDrop Drop especially with Tfuel prices dropping?
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2022.01.24 20:46 -herekitty_kitty- Seriously y'all? This isn't acceptable!

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2022.01.24 20:46 CapybaraPin Spotted a lovely 964 RS in Rubystone Red at a local Sunday meet in [Paris, France]

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2022.01.24 20:46 Aquela_Gekko alguém pode me ajudar a achar um site desse jogo funcionando?

Olá pessoal, sou eu de novo, essa vez não é uma lembrança mas sim uma coisa que achei recentemente mas que não consigo jogar. Eu estava vendo algumas coisas até que me deparo com uma essas bonecas , tinha varias delas e eu já tinha visto elas antes, e eu sempre quis saber de que site elas saíram porque elas eram sempre bem parecidas, então eu fui atrás do nome do site, demorou um pouquinho mas eu consegui achar. Eu achei o nome nesse site aqui , eu fiquei muita feliz e orgulhosa, porque eu finalmente poderia jogar o jogo, mas quando eu tentei jogar, o site que ficava o jogo não ia de jeito nenhum, aparecia apenas uma tela branca e um texto falando ''Service unavailable'' , eu tentei entrar em outras paginas do site mas nenhuma ia e era sempre a mesma pagina branca, eu até achei um user no Tumblr falando sobre o site e falando que o jogo estava em um site antigo que pelo jeito havia caído, e que uma pessoa havia pegado o jogo e criado um site novo pro jogo, o nome do novo site é ''Elouai'' , só que para minha tristeza o site novo era o site que eu tinha achado que não funcionava, o user até deixou um link para o site novo mas não ia, era a mesma pagina branca. Eu até que iria deixar isso pra lá, mas como a minha vontade de jogar isso é maior eu peço que por favor, se você leu isso até aqui por favor me ajude a achar um site que essa jogo funciona. Obrigado por ter lido até aqui.
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2022.01.24 20:46 iRunLikeTheWind hot oak on pine action

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2022.01.24 20:46 djbeema2 Blood Guard of the Unholy (squad of 4)

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2022.01.24 20:46 CrazyinFrance As a biologist, it excites me to no end that sashiko patterns can directly represent biological patterns. An one-thread and weave pattern (2nd image) directly corresponds to adhesive molecules and cells. So I changed the orientation of the stitch pattern from square grid to polar grid (1st image).

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2022.01.24 20:46 Quiet_Soft4663 Yeehaw

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2022.01.24 20:46 crytoloover Wazirx coin Review | Wrx coin price prediction | telugu

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2022.01.24 20:46 death2metall I had to bring this here

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2022.01.24 20:46 bombf11bye Realistic are some returns % ?

Is it realstic to get a 7% return monthly day trading? What I'm asking is
can you gain 7% on your account constantly long-term after your become profitable? If you have been trading for a long time what is your average monthly returns and how long did it take you to get to this state And what range can I expect once I become profitable
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2022.01.24 20:46 Orichalchem Stranger of Paradise Final Trailer

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2022.01.24 20:46 Coldpiss Blindsides that weren't blindsides ?

I know that the edit withholds alot of camp strategy to make for a more suspenful tribal.
But after hearing some time exit interviews it appears that alot of vote outs that were edited like blindsides weren't blindsides at all.
So what are the most notable examples of this happening?
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2022.01.24 20:46 melonboi7 PDGA Champions Cup

Do you have to be invited to be in the gallery at the PDGA Champions Cup in Augusta Georgia
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2022.01.24 20:46 Any_Print_8011 Withdrawing while on academic probation.

If I withdraw from my program while on academic probation, will all my grants including the grants that was paid directly to the school be converted into loans or only the grants that was given to me outside the program expenses and deposited in my bank account (about 5-600)? I understand that I would be put on academic restriction for one year but if I come back after that period will I be allegeable for osap again? Thanks
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2022.01.24 20:46 TweetArchiveBot Bernie Sanders: TONIGHT AT 8:30 PM ET: Join me and essential workers from Colorado grocery stores for an important discussion on their struggle for decent wages, safe working conditions, and dignity on the job amidst a deadly pandemic. Watch at

Bernie Sanders: TONIGHT AT 8:30 PM ET: Join me and essential workers from Colorado grocery stores for an important discussion on their struggle for decent wages, safe working conditions, and dignity on the job amidst a deadly pandemic. Watch at submitted by TweetArchiveBot to TweetArchiver [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:46 MaleficentPrimary921 Has anyone ever ghosted their best friend ?

There’s this girl I’ve been best friends with for 16 years. Her daughter is even my God Daughter. For the last few years I’ve noticed changes in her behavior and character that seemed questionable but I never really said anything to her, but within the last year she seems overbearingly shallow and selfish.
The friendship became one sided. She’d want to FT me while she’s at work and then be busy 90% of the time. I tell her call me back but she tells me it’s fucked up and “toxic” I don’t want to talk to her. When we finally do talk, it’s always about what she’s going through, and the guy she’s sleeping with and other things like that.
I listen and would say I’m supportive and involved in whatever she has to say. I’m present in the conversation. When it comes to me however, she will half listen to what I have to say, or even act sympathetic for a minute and then immediately go into whatever she wants to talk about.
I remember crying to her about a situation I was in and she just stared at me through the phone. No emotion, and she didn’t even say a word about it. She then started talking talking about her family.
There would even be times when someone would be around while we’re on the phone and I wouldn’t know and just openly be talking to her, and then I see her looking at someone beyond the phone and they’re both laughing.
I haven’t talked to her in 8 months. I tried to confront her about an instance where it seemed as if she was laughing at me. She got defensive with me and said she didn’t even remember that and totally disregarded what I was telling her.
Of course in that time she’s been wondering why I haven’t talked to her. She’s even texted me saying she feels like I’m “neglecting her and her daughter.” I want to tell her all this and more but she couldn’t even handle me telling her one thing that she did that bothered me. I cut her off because I feel like the friendship was becoming a burden and there was no use trying to express why. Has anyone ever ghosted a best friend because they didn’t seem like one?
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2022.01.24 20:46 vann_dan Finding the best starting words (Attempt #2) 😅

So I decided to revamp my first attempt to write a script to gain some insights about Wordle in order to figure out the best starting words (original post here: My attempt to find the best starting words...)

Apparently the official word lists used by Wordle can be found here (words used as puzzles and words that are valid guesses): WordleCompetition: word-lists

I also realized a flaw in my original approach. I was only considering which words would identify the most letters in their correct positions. I didn't consider how likely a word would identify a letter ANYWHERE in the puzzle. For example, when evaluating the word "ratio" and considering the "r" I only considered the chances of "r" being the first letter. I should have ALSO taken into consideration the chances of "r" being one of the other letters if it wasn't the 1st letter.

Using this additional information, this is what I did for my 2nd attempt...

  1. I calculated letter probabilities for each position based only on the words used as puzzles (~2500 words).
  2. I found the "expected number" of letters each word that is considered valid in Wordle (~13000 words) would provide for a given puzzle based on the letter probabilities from step 1. To calculate this for a word, I summed up the following for each letter in each position: x = (1.0 * Prob(letter is right)) + (0.25 * Prob(letter is in at least one other position)) - (1.25 * Prob(letter is right AND letter is in at least one other position). For the 2nd term I use 0.25 because there are 4 spots that the 1 letter could appear in. I also subtract the 3rd term to account for double counting.
  3. Ranked words based on the "expected number" of letters the word would provide. The higher the number the better the rank

Using this new approach I got some newer and interesting insights:
  1. The most common letter in Wordle is "e" (10.652% of all letters)
  2. This letter probabilities of Wordle puzzles are MUCH different than the probabilities when looking at all 5-letter scrabble words. For example over 31% of 5-letter scrabble words end with s, but only about 1.5% of Wordle puzzles do)
  3. The best word to use if you're doing hard mode is "soare"
  4. The best 2 word combo to start off games with if you are NOT doing hard mode is "soily" and then "crane"
  5. The best word to use to maximize the number of correct letters is "saree"
  6. I have included information about what I calculated as the top 25 starting Wordle words (words with unique letters) and my calculation for letter probabilities for all positions

Feel free to ask about different starting words and I can share the information from my script about that word!

Top 25 Starting Wordle Words:
Word Score Rank Effectiveness NonRepeatingRank NonRepeatingEffectiveness
soare 0.762511041 5 96.643% 1 100.000%
saine 0.743735846 8 94.263% 2 97.538%
saice 0.729167069 13 92.416% 3 95.627%
slane 0.727914639 15 92.258% 4 95.463%
slate 0.725848248 16 91.996% 5 95.192%
stare 0.709151779 29 89.880% 6 93.002%
salet 0.707459006 33 89.665% 7 92.780%
slier 0.705325325 34 89.395% 8 92.500%
seity 0.705311681 35 89.393% 9 92.499%
share 0.702780132 37 89.072% 10 92.167%
saner 0.701662701 43 88.930% 11 92.020%
soily 0.701286341 45 88.883% 12 91.971%
stale 0.701123037 46 88.862% 13 91.949%
saute 0.70064594 47 88.802% 14 91.887%
snare 0.700206481 48 88.746% 15 91.829%
stane 0.698194508 51 88.491% 16 91.565%
slaty 0.694824817 55 88.064% 17 91.123%
shale 0.694751391 56 88.055% 18 91.114%
stoae 0.691269805 67 87.613% 19 90.657%
slice 0.691173334 68 87.601% 20 90.644%
samey 0.691045391 70 87.585% 21 90.628%
crane 0.690837745 72 87.558% 22 90.600%
soler 0.689900771 74 87.440% 23 90.477%
sorel 0.689266723 76 87.359% 24 90.394%
crate 0.688771353 78 87.297% 25 90.329%

Wordle Letter Probabilities:
Letter Probability Rank Letter1-Probability Letter1-Rank Letter2-Probability Letter2-Rank Letter3-Probability Letter3-Rank Letter4-Probability Letter4-Rank Letter5-Probability Letter5-Rank
e 10.652% 1 3.110% 14 10.454% 4 7.646% 4 13.737% 1 18.315% 1
a 8.458% 2 6.091% 6 13.132% 1 13.261% 1 7.041% 4 2.765% 10
r 7.767% 3 4.536% 11 11.533% 3 7.041% 6 6.566% 7 9.158% 4
o 6.514% 4 1.771% 17 12.052% 2 10.540% 3 5.702% 10 2.505% 11
t 6.298% 5 6.436% 4 3.326% 10 4.795% 9 6.004% 9 10.929% 3
l 6.212% 6 3.801% 12 8.683% 6 4.838% 8 6.998% 5 6.739% 5
i 5.797% 7 1.469% 19 8.726% 5 11.490% 2 6.825% 6 0.475% 19
s 5.780% 8 15.810% 1 0.691% 17 3.456% 10 7.387% 3 1.555% 15
n 4.968% 9 1.598% 18 3.758% 9 6.004% 7 7.862% 2 5.616% 7
c 4.121% 10 8.553% 2 1.728% 13 2.419% 16 6.566% 8 1.339% 16
u 4.035% 11 1.425% 20 8.035% 7 7.127% 5 3.542% 11 0.043% 23
y 3.672% 12 0.259% 24 0.994% 15 1.253% 18 0.130% 23 15.724% 2
d 3.395% 13 4.795% 9 0.864% 16 3.240% 11 2.981% 13 5.097% 8
h 3.361% 14 2.981% 15 6.220% 8 0.389% 24 1.210% 19 6.004% 6
p 3.171% 15 6.134% 5 2.635% 11 2.505% 14 2.160% 16 2.419% 12
m 2.730% 16 4.622% 10 1.641% 14 2.635% 13 2.937% 14 1.814% 13
g 2.687% 17 4.968% 8 0.518% 21 2.894% 12 3.283% 12 1.771% 14
b 2.428% 18 7.473% 3 0.691% 18 2.462% 15 1.037% 21 0.475% 20
f 1.987% 19 5.875% 7 0.346% 23 1.080% 20 1.512% 18 1.123% 17
k 1.814% 20 0.864% 22 0.432% 22 0.518% 21 2.376% 15 4.881% 9
w 1.685% 21 3.585% 13 1.901% 12 1.123% 19 1.080% 20 0.734% 18
v 1.322% 22 1.857% 16 0.648% 19 2.117% 17 1.987% 17 0.000% 24
z 0.346% 23 0.130% 25 0.086% 25 0.475% 23 0.864% 22 0.173% 22
x 0.320% 24 0.000% 26 0.605% 20 0.518% 22 0.130% 24 0.346% 21
q 0.251% 25 0.994% 21 0.216% 24 0.043% 26 0.000% 26 0.000% 25
j 0.233% 26 0.864% 23 0.086% 26 0.130% 25 0.086% 25 0.000% 26
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2022.01.24 20:46 TIM1273 Another piece from Frank

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